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- Transmission Rebuild

- Transmission Replacement (new or secondhand)

- Transmission Service & Flush

- Mechatronic Overhaul/Repair

- Valve Body Overhaul/Repair

- TCM Repair

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       Why choose US
  • Established in the 1980s, we are a premium service provider of automatic transmission rebuild, repair, service & replacement.

  • We are a trusted repairer of major mechanical breakdown insurance companies & dealerships.

  • We take great pride in pinpointing faults accurately the first time. 

  • Our technicians have over 100 years of combined mechanical experience.

  • We have cost effective solutions to repair:

    • mechatronics,

    • transmission computers (TCMs),

    • valve bodies

    • dual clutch assemblies.

  • Transmission issues can be complex & costly, there is rarely one way to resolve a problem.  We will provide all options & detailed explanations.

  • We live & breathe automatic transmissions.


Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is a high performance gearbox designed by BorgWarner and is licensed to the Volkswagen Group.  This transmission has been deployed by VW & Audi & was launched in 2003. 

A DSG is relatively fuel efficient.  It automates two separate manual clutches which achieves faster shift times and eliminates the torque converter of a conventional AT.  On a software level it can be tuned to improve performance. Currently it comes with 6 or 7 speed variant.


Common Issues - delay on take off, bunny hopping, low speed shudder, noisy bearings, losing odd or even gears.


Contact Us Now regarding repair options.  We are able to repair mechatronic & clutch assembly instead of costly replacements.  We also replace noisy bearings & dual mass flywheels.


Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and Sportronic Shift  transmission (SST) are variants of a DSG with similar infrastructure.  They were developed by Getrag and widely deployed by Volvo, Dodge, Mitsubishi & even Ferrari.

Common Issues - delay on take off, wheel spin on take off, low speed shudder, losing odd or even gears

Contact Us Now regarding repair options.  We are able to repair mechatronic & clutch assemblies instead of costly replacements.  We also replace noisy bearings & dual mass flywheels.


Automatic transmissions (ATs) can be traced back to the Sturtevant brothers in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1904.  It had 2 gears. 


100 years later, to improve fuel efficiency, ZF introduced the first 6 speed transmission, follow by the introduction of a 7 speed by Mercedes Benz.  Lexus introduced the first 10-speed variant in 2017.  These transmissions are built for power & stand out as workhorses in comparison to the other varieties.



Common Issues - limp mode, shudder, rough gear changes, slipping, not changing gears. 

 Contact Us Now  regarding repair options.   We are able to repair transmission computers (TCM),  valve bodies, torque converters, internal transmission faults (mechanical / hydraulic) & many more.

Transfer Case/Differentials

An integrated part of transmission operations.  

Common Issues - clunking, binding, noisy.


Contact Us Now regarding repair options.  We are able to repair, rebuild or replace.


Leonard DaVinci sketched the first Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) in 1490.  Dutch automaker DAF first started using CVTs in their cars in the late 1950s.


A CVT has a pair of variable-width pulleys that are connected by a belt, which provides the smoothest driving experience.  Although it may feel a little slow, a CVT will generally out-accelerate an automatic transmission. Due to its simplicity & improved fuel efficiency.  This technology has been deployed by car manufacturers worldwide.  


Common Issues - surging/jerking, shudder, noisy bearings.


Contact Us Now regarding repair options.  We are able to repair transmission computers (TCM),  valve bodies, torque converters, internal transmission faults (mechanical / hydraulic) & many more.

Transmission Service

Transmissions are highly precise & complex instruments.  All forms of repairs are costly.  Prevention is always better than cure.


A transmission service should be carried out every 50,000km.  Some manufacturers indicated that their transmission fluids (ATFs) are lifetime fluids, which is subject to scrutiny.

Most modern transmissions no longer have a dip-stick.  Hence using the correct ATF & filling up to the correct level require expertise.

Only premium transmission filters are used for all our services.

DSG/DCT/SST services are carried out to target common faults of the transmission.


Contact Us Now regarding service options.  

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