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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

We are an authorised repairer for all major mechanical breakdown insurance companies. We can lodge claims and do all the leg work on your behalf from our first appointment.



A Mechanical Breakdown Insurance claim is not free. Like all other insurance policies, you will be liable for the excess and any excluded (consumable) items in accordance with your policy.  

Your policy also has a maximum claim limit, which is the maximum amount the insurance company can pay. An overrun above the maximum claim limit payable by you.  A claim limit of $5000 to $10000 is usually adequate to cover any major transmission repairs/rebuilds.


We will inform you of all costs associated with your claim. 

Service Invoices

We will require service invoices from you to satisfy the basic requirement of a claim. Stamps in a booklet are invalid for this purpose. Your car is expected to be serviced according to the policy document.  


The insurance may assess your car after a claim is lodged by us (1st assessment) and after the transmission is removed & stripped for inspection (2nd assessment).

Strip & report Authority

After the 1st assessment, the insurance company may give us the authority to remove & strip the transmission for the purpose of assessment & quote. After receiving this authority we will need the same from you to proceed further.


A Policy May Be Declined

The insurance company can decline a claim if the failure is pre-exisiting or from abuse / misuse. Pre-existing means the failure was there before the policy was purchased. 

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